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Video Interviews

As mentioned above, change is coming. We will soon be hosting our videos. Apologies for any inconvenience. .

If patience is not an option, feel free to search for some videos on the web. Go to YouTube or Google Video and search the following: 'VIBE Machine' or 'Gene Koonce'.

Radio Interviews

115 minute interview with Gene Koonce
Living Healthy with Agi
Achieve Radio
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30 minute interview with Gene Koonce
Tributaries Radio
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Other Sources

Bill Henderson's (Cancer Researcher) Website

Beating Cancer Gently



"Getting Charged up for Health"
Teresa Tsalaky
June, 2003

"Plugging Into Better Health"
Nexus Magazine, Boulder, CO
Lisa Barr
January, 2003

"Good Vibrations"
Healing Path Magazine,
Ft. Collins, CO
Steven Clearheart Johnson
November, 2003

"Raise Your Vibration - Heal Your Life"
Natural Awakenings Magazine, Las Vegas, NV
Nancy Campbell
June, 2004

"Electromagnetic Healing"
In Light Times Magazine, Las Vegas, NV
Nancy Campbell
June, 2004

"Experimental Device Gives Good Vibrations"
Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, Cheyenne, WY
Allison Fashek
June, 2004

"Keys to Understanding Harmonics-Health and the VIBE Machine"
appeared in Natural Awakenings, Austin, TX,
October 2005
Judith Moore
July, 2004

"Good 'VIBE'rations Attract Better Health Seekers"
Fort Lupton Press,
Fort Lupton, CO
Rosalie Everson
July 20, 2004

"Good News for 'Good Vibrations'"
The County Press, Lapeer, MI, August, 2004

"New Vibes for the Future"
Aquarius Magazine,
Roswell, GA
Bhimi Cayce
October, 2004

"Good VIBES?"
The Gazette,
Colorado Springs, CO
Bill Radford
June 2005

"Patients get vibe of device"
The Hutchinson News,
Hutchinson, KS
Tim Vandenack
March 5, 2006

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This area is still under construction.


This area is still under construction.



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